Financial Planning Philosophy and Process

The common approach to financial planning

Many people tend to approach investing by choosing a stock that was recommended by a friend, investing in a 401(k) or by purchasing a mutual fund selected as a “top pick” by a financial publication. Unfortunately, this approach may lead to an assortment of unrelated financial products, which may not work well together or help you reach your goals

My approach to financial planning
After a comprehensive analysis of your goals, priorities and resources, your personalized strategy is developed. The result is a portfolio of products that has the potential to start you on your way to achieving financial security and success.


Planning Process:
  • Assess your current financial situation
  • Identify your priorities and concerns
  • Gather Information and establish priorities
  • Analyze your data
  • Present results of analysis
  • Discuss priorities and future steps
  • Review your specific recommendations
  • Select suitable products and services
  • Develop implementation schedule for products and services
  • Regular reviews of your comprehensive financial plan with regard to performance, goals and current financial position
  • Implement necessary changes or enhancements according to new assessments